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A discreet custom made cordura pouch is supplied with the 5 and 10 pack sizes.

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We have had requests from our customers for Wrapps to also be made available in a smaller size.  We are now very happy to tell you our new Petite size Wrapps are now ready for sale!  The Petite version is 2 inches/5cm smaller than our Regular size and is perfect for petite customers and children.

Regular size: 10.5ins / 27cm

Petite/Child: 7-7.5ins / 17.5 - 19cm

March 2013:

Recently the price for the quality fabrics we use to make your Wrapps has unfortunately escalated quite dramatically.  This is entirely out of our control.  Now we have come to the end of the stock we purchased at the previous lower prices, we need to increase our prices to reflect this cost.  We have of course kept this to the absolute bare minimum.  Please see our price promise pledge to the right.

The last time we needed to increase our prices was June 2011.  

We would like to reassure you that Wrapps are still excellent value, considering the quality fabrics, professional workmanship and love that has gone into hand crafting each and every one - and of course we can never put a price on what they can do to improve quality of life for everyone who needs to use them.

Please see the testimonials page for what our 

customers have said about Wrapps




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Wrapps are made exclusively by Denise Bartell.  


Our personal guarantee:

We are 100% confident that you will not find an alternative product to rival the absorbency or high quality of Wrapps.

Do you suffer with excessive sweating, down there? You are not alone. Millions of men and women suffer from this, year in, year out. Anybody who has suffered from heavy sweating will know that there are all sorts of other problems that constant moisture causes, chafing, itching, soreness, irritation, rashes, infection etc.

Did you know that excessive sweating is actually a skin disease called Hyperhidrosis? Many things can trigger Hyperhidrosis, exercise, anxiety, menopause, hormone imbalance, heat and humidity - the list is long.

Unfortunately there is no cure for Hyperhidrosis, it's all about how you manage the symptoms. For instance, if you suffer from underarm (Axillary) sweating, then you can choose from one of many underarm deodorants or paper sweat-shields to place inside your clothing. Until now, there has been nothing to help people who sweat in their groin area. Denise Bartell has designed an environmentally friendly soft, cool, absorbent washable pad from 100% cotton unbleached muslin and soft lightweight cotton terry fabric for maximum comfort. The terry fabric runs the length of the Wrapp and is completely covered with muslin, all fabric is cut on the bias, meaning it moves with you. The Wrapp is very discreet and very absorbent. It holds your uncomfortable, wet and clingy underwear away from your skin, which helps facilitate evaporation of the sweat. A damp Wrapp can be exchanged for a fresh, dry Wrapp whenever you need.

The Wrapp is unisex, it fits both women's and men's briefs comfortably, no more chafing elastic to cut into your delicate, sore skin.

The Wrapp has been tested by both men and women. Once they're in place, you forget they're there, leaving you fresh and confident. It doesn't matter how much you sweat or what triggers it, the Wrapp can be worn by anyone with any level of sweating.

Although they're generally used for hyperhidrosis, Wrapps are also good if you have any bladder leakage (ladies) and they're also used by sportsmen and women, athletes, joggers, gym and fitness fans, musicians etc, ie anyone who gets sweaty either through exercise, illness or even from side-effects of medication.

Each five and ten-pack of Wrapps comes with a custom-made discreet cordura pouch which will hold two Wrapps to pop into your handbag, sports bag or even leave in your desk at work.

Wrapps are carefully designed and handmade by Denise Bartell, who has suffered with Hyperhidrosis for many years.

Please click here to read our testimonials 


 Our price promise:

We are always looking at ways to reduce the cost of Wrapps without compromising any of the quality.  All our savings are in turn passed on to you.

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