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Testimonials and feedback received from Wrapps users: 

Hi Denise, just wanted to give you an update. Yesterday my family and I went to an orphanage in Mexico to bring supplies, food and play with the kids. We've been before and it's been difficult for me honestly worrying about sweating right through my pants. It's hot and dusty and crowded and we walk long distances carrying heavy supplies. Well long story short I wore a Coolwrapp and had ZERO issues!!!!! I'm pleased as can be!!!!! What a clever product you created. I'll be ordering more soon. Thanks. :)

L - San Diego

Example 1: 

Friday night my daughter graduated.  She had to be there at 5:30 but they wouldn't let anyone else in until 6:00 which meant that we were stuck outside in the 80+ degree heat for 30 minutes (something I hate).  I knew I was sweating like crazy so when we were finally able to get in I went to the bathroom and my wrapp was soaked but it didn't get to my clothing.

Example 2:

Saturday I was running around like crazy to get ready for Chassity's grad party.  I didn't get quite as soaked because I was in and out of a/c until the party but it still saved my clothing and caught the sweat.

Also (before) I was using a long kitchen towel and (now) I'm using the wrapps.  The wrapps are very breathable, they stay put, I don't have to constantly adjust like I did when I had the towel in.  I don't know how you masterminded this with the materials you chose but well done !!

The regular size wrapps definitely work but the long ones are for me.  I can't thank you enough for inventing these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Thank you for listening to your customers! The new, smaller Wrapps I received fit my body better! Your Wrapps give me that extra confidence I need. Thank you, thank you!"


Shawnee Mission, Kansas 

Thank you too - we really appreciated your comments on sizing issues.  We're always happy to listen to our customers!

"You are a genius!  These work like a charm for me.  I so glad I found Very Sweaty Betty and your link to the Wrapps.  I will share my excitement with my PCP and others I know suffering like me.  I may just order more!!!!!!

Thanks Denise you made my day!"

Rachel L******e

Portland, Maine

When we contacted Rachel to ask if we could use her feedback in our website, she replied:

"ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  Go for it!!  I want the world to know you have helped me.  Let me know when the Bra pad has been developed.  I want to be one of he first customers!!!!!"

Thank you Rachel!  Your feedback has made us happier than you can imagine, it's worth all the hard work Wrapps have taken to develop to hear something so lovely!

"Thank you very much for the wrapps. I've wanted them for a long time now since I saw them on VSB and I'm very happy with them."

Pushpa S**********n


"I thought my wife was having me on with this at first but wow! I play a couple of different sports and can't do with out these now. Impressive, you can come and work for me anytime!"

Jon D*****n

Wells Branch, Texas

"Thank you so much Denise, your wrapps work perfectly.  They have given me my confidence back, I can't praise you or them highly enough and have just ordered a second pack."

Kara M**s

Knightsbridge, London, UK

"Simple and effective."

JJ B*****n

Thousand Oaks, California

 "I was recommended Wrapps by a close friend and colleague - I wish I'd known about them before now but better late than never!  I am excited about Summer for probably the first time since I was a teenager, I have a lump in my throat (a happy one!).  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Mrs G L***d

Maesteg, Wales

"I ordered a sample pack and the day after I received them, I reordered a large pack.  I can wear pants in all colors instead of just black, and skirts and dresses for the first time. I can't wait for my wedding now!"

Kirsti B***w-K******m


This was posted on Very Sweaty Betty by forum member, FoxyBlue:  LINK

"I got my Wrapps last week, and have used them most days since - it's been as hot as 36 here this week - and I am VERY impressed!

Was at a friend's wedding all day and evening last weekend and was dry all day. I've been amazed, it's not only me that stays dry but the Wrapp itself; in terms of moisture you'd never know you had another layer on, and it also keeps things completely odour-free.

Denise, you are a genius :) Certainly money well spent and one less thing for me to worry about every summer, which is a huge relief. Thanks so much ladies for introducing me to this marvellous product."


Other media:


Very Sweaty Betty's blog 2 June 2010

One of our fellow HH sufferers has invented an amazing product to help with truncal Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating in the groin.

Wrapps are super comfortable. They’re made of the softest most absorbent cotton and lined with muslin for extra comfort. You can change into clean dry Wrapps whenever you feel the need. The used Wrapps just go through your normal washing machine programme. How simple is that! I love it!

It attaches to both women’s and men’s underwear and absorbs excess moisture – or even heavy sweating!

During the past countless number of years, I’ve had to live my life in black – black jeans and in the summer, black cotton/linen cropped trousers – as it’s one of the colours that doesn’t show much sweat. Having said that, if I sit on any seat that isn’t made of cloth material (for instance a plastic chair), I always leave my sweaty crotches imprint. I tell you, plastic chairs are the devil’s work.

I’ve tried Denise’s Wrapps and I have to say I’m utterly sold on them. I didn’t know I was wearing them. It’s a bit of a dream come true for me, if I sweat in my groin area, it simply doesn’t show. I’m looking forward to wearing some white or light coloured cropped trousers this summer and might even attempt a dress or skirt. Stranger things have happened. The last time I wore a skirt, I had sweat running down my legs in little rivers, seeping into my shoes for my feet to slide around in. The chafing was so painful and the sheer embarrassment I suffered knowing that someone might spot the rivers was excrutiating.

Another thing I’m looking forward to – fewer yeast infections because my bits are kept nice and dry. My longest bout of thrush was two years. Not on-and-off – it was two long years as in 730 DAYS. Along with my trusty acidophilus capsules, garlic capsules and now the Wrapps, I think my thrush days are completely over. I’ve not had a single tingle in weeks!

Denise ships her Wrapps all over the world and they come in packs of 2, 5 & 10. As they’re made from natural materials, the more you wash them, the softer they become.



We'll add more testimonials and feedback as they are received!


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